Quality data which is fit for use is essential to improve health outcomes

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Shifo is contributing with a specific piece of work, which if not done will continue being a root cause of poor health outcomes and inefficiencies in the health sector. That is getting and using reliable and relevant data and information which empowers families, health workers, and leaders make right decisions and create a self enhancing culture and work processes in the health sector.

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Cost effective and scalable solution which managed to replace existing health management information system forms.

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We develop and implement contextually-sensitive solutions based on Smart Paper Technology and change management processes to strengthen data collection, quality and its use. Together with our partners, we strengthen the capacity of the existing health system to continuously improve the quality of health services based on data that is right for decision making from community to national and global level.

Countries and partners choose to work with Shifo based on the evidence of successful results of our joint work.

Smart Paper Technology generates patient level data with 99% quality and is interoperable with national system e.g. DHIS2, eLMIS, CRVS systems

Countries can sustain the costs of the solution because it fits within their existing budgets

Solution is scalable in all health centres regardless of infrastructural limitations


Get to know the people at the centre of our work! Read our stories about our work with our partners and the impact it has.

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